Sunday, July 22, 2012

My Review: Essence Shimmer Powder

Hey everyone! The final touch to my makeup routine is definitely a sweep of illuminating powder. An illuminating powder provides a fresh, natural glow without being overly dewy or oily, as most liquid highlighters tend to be.  The Essence Shimmer Powder contains .31 oz/9 g of powder and retails for under $3 at any Ulta location; it is extremely cheap and contains a decent amount of product, but are those the only things to rave about? Read on to find out!

What is It? The packaging claims that this powder provides a natural and fresh shimmering finish to both the face and body. The tiny shimmering particles are very subtle, yet project a healthy glow when they catch the light.

Things to Rave About:

1) Gorgeous Shimmer Without Sparkles: The powder boasts a lightweight, sheer, and faint illuminating glow. There are no heavy or visible chunks of sparkles and glitter that can make you look like a disco ball! Rather, the hint of shimmer produces a youthful glow with a soft focused finish that looks entirely natural. In the packaging, there is a slight salmon-pink shade, but once applied, it wears off, leaving only a silvery, shimmery sheen. Thus, since it has no color added, only a silvery finish, any skin tone can pull of this powder.  Most highlighters contain golden tones/shimmer which may be a conflict for paler skin tones, creating a fake bronzed look; thus the Essence Shimmer Powder is a perfect solution for those who typically stay away from highlighters due their tendency to contain golden colors.

2) Great Price and Generous Amount of Product: I purchased the shimmer powder for 2.99 at Ulta, and often they have Essence products on a great sale. The pan itself contains a solid amount of  .31 oz / 9 g of product, the typical for a full-sized powder compact. Most highlighters retail for $10 minimum, so the 2.99 price tag is honestly a steal and a price that cannot be beat.

3) Multi Use: This powder isn't restricted to usage only as a cheek bone highlighter; it works wonderfully as an eye shadow base, highlighter in the corner of the eyes, or as a blend with bronzer to create an illuminating contour.

Things to Rant About:

1) Doesn't Last: The powder looks gorgeous immediately after application, but within 20 minutes, it dramatically fades, leaving just a few faded specks of shimmer. You can remedy this negative aspect by taking the powder along with you in your purse to repply throughout the day, as the packaging is clean, simple, and portable.

Powder immediately after application
Powder 10 minutes after application

My Overall Rating: 8.5 / 10


  1. Love the colour - shame it doesn't last, but like you said, you can always take it out with you :) x

    1. Thanks for checking out the blog! :)

  2. This sounds gorgeous, I wish Essence products were available in the UK!


    1. Check out their website! They might ship to the UK!


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