Hello! I'm Natalie, a 15 year old high school student who has a serious obsession for all things beauty related! Before I make a cosmetics purchase, I always research personal insights and reviews of the product, that way, I make an informed decision and know I will love the product even before I buy it!


The goal of this blog is to provide informative and thorough product reviews. I realized that all personal reviews are reflective of that individual's skin type, hair color/texture, color preferences, etc. I want to provide all makeup lovers with all-around reviews, thus I created Rave or Rant. Scrolling through the hundreds of reviews for one product can be quite tiresome, so I decided to do the work for you, reading nearly every review and finding the most stated/common pros and cons.Rave or Rant serves as a simple and accurate representation of the hundreds of reviews found on makeupalley.com, sephora.com, ulta.com, and many more sites! To make a review an even more precise representation, I list not only the pros and cons I observed from these sites but also added quotes, from the reviewers, that I believed best explained that particular pro/con.


  • Review Collages: A melting pot of beauty-junkie reviews
  • MakeupAlley Reviews: Makeupalley.com, condensed
  • Dupe Lists: Cheaper alternatives for your high-end favorites
  • Beauty Battles: An exhilarating battle of fierce, competing cosmetics
  • Beauty Debunked: Uncovering the fact and fiction found in product claims
  • Makeup Match: Discovering your perfect, customized makeup match 
  • Snapshots: A concise, quick snapshot of hot-off-the press cosmetics
  • Blogger Talk: See what other beauty bloggers are saying about particular makeup products



My readers' trust is my #1 priority and I will never knowingly endorse, or feature, any product or service that I do not research for integrity first.


Photos are either taken by me or derived from major, commercial sites such as drugstore.com, sephora.com, or ulta.com, all believed to be in the public domain.


To keep the product reviews this blog provides to readers as an accurate representation of the honest opinions consumers have of that product, all written content and opinions are composed of quotes from product reviews, written by buyers, found on sites such as ulta.com, sephora.com, makeupalley.com, etc. All quotes are cited and credited properly, disclosing both the reviewer's account name and the site the review was quoted from.


"What is It?", "Claims/Features", "Product Link","Price/Availability", "Dupe For", "Things to Rave About", "Things to Rant About," "Is it For You?", and "Ratings" are all elements of the framework found on raveorrant.blogspot.com, that is intended to simplify reviews, allow effortless comprehension, and permit easy navigation. The exact review format is as follows:

  • What is It? 
  • Claims/Features
  • Product Link
  • Price/Availability 
  • Dupe For:
  • Things to Rave About
  • Things to Rant About 
  • Is it For You?
  • Ratings 

These "headers" or guidelines were thought of and designed by me for review purposes. A pro/con approach is a popular style of reviewing beauty products, but the exact header titles,"Things to Rave About" and "Things to Rant About" are signature, exclusive features of my blog that I individually developed, and stealing and re-posting these exact headers will not be tolerated.


All content of this blog is protected by Copyright law. Any unauthorized copying or reproduction of material is prohibited without permission from raveorrant.blogspot.com. Any re-posting of quotes, photos, or guidelines supplied or invented by me must receive written consent from raveorrant.blogspot.com, or otherwise are prohibited and strictly intolerable.


I ADORE to hear your advice, questions, and feedback! Feel more than welcome to leave a lovely comment!