Friday, August 10, 2012

Beauty Battle: Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush vs. Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

Revlon PhotoReady Airbrush Mousse Makeup

-2 The pump applicator is very difficult to control, spitting out excess product that turns into a wasted mess.

+3 The foundation is extremely easy to apply and blend, as the formula is creamy, flexible, and never dries to a sticky, solid state, permitting the makeup to effortlessly glide and shift with your fingers, brush, or sponge.

-1 Formula is very watery, sheer, and a touch too oily.

+3 Skin is allowed to breathe, while given a hint of coverage and an illuminating sheen.
-1 Specks of sparkles are clearly visible when the face comes in contact with sunlight.

-3 The foundation has awful staying power, rapidly dissolving after initial application, and effortlessly transfers or slips off the skin when the face is touched.

+3 Creates a slick, satiny base that acts like a primer, allowing other makeup to slide on to the skin with ease.
+2 The mixture of dewiness and shimmer creates  a perfect illuminating highlighter for cheekbones or can be mixed with a more matte foundation to make a custom foundation blend.

TOTAL SCORE =  4 beauty points


Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam

-2 Pump applicator is very difficult to control, pumping out excess product that can create an orange mess.

+3 Quickly sinks/dissolves into the skin, creating a natural finish with not a hint of visible foundation.

-3 This foundation is so dewy and slick, never drying to a matte finish, but rather remaining very wet on the skin, effortlessly transferring once in contact with other objects.

+3 Very neutral or "nude" color selection, straying from being too pink or too yellow toned.
+3  Wet finish keeps skin looking glowing and healthy and stays away from a cakey, dry, or monotone look.
-1 The formula is very sheer and creates an even looking base rather than covering up and concealing flaws. Breakouts, dry patches, and redness will still show through the makeup.

-1 The foam will oxidize into an orange, fake color, once in contact with heat, sweat, natural skin oils, or left on the skin for more than 5 hours.


TOTAL SCORE = 2 beauty points

Which foaming foundation do you like better? Do share!


  1. Great review! Thanks for this. I don't think I like either. Glad you save me money on them. Hope you do more of these. Can you do Boujois? x

  2. Thank you! Glad I could help out! I don't own that product, so I can't do a personal review, but I can put together a MakeupAlley review!

  3. LOL I have to admit, these look a little creepy. I've never tried a foaming foundation.

  4. They feel like nothing you have ever felt before! The formula pops and crackles!


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