Wednesday, December 26, 2012

BLOGGER TALK: Maybelline Volum' Express The Rocket Mascara

"The formula is lightweight and easy to remove. It doesn't leave my lashes stiff nor crunchy and has a lighter texture which won’t let lashes droop so any curling you do before hand should last you through the day with this in place as it won’t weight lashes down.  There’s some length to be had here but it separates my lashes a little too much for any volume. My lashes aren’t fuller after application and have more of a pointy, longer
"The brush is great for length & volume as it pulls lashes up, gently giving them a lift, which in turn adds more length. In terms of volume, my short stubby lashes were quite plumped up and much thicker. There's quite a bit of clumping, but nothing you can't work with and far less compared to a lot of other Volum' Express mascaras from Maybelline. The formula can make lashes slightly stiff, which is something I don't like here. I always curl my lashes and this one holds the curl very well. There's very minimal smudging or flaking even after a good 8 hours.
"The mascara glides on with ease, and while I was bit concerned with the size brush it was actually pretty easy to apply it to my bottom lashes. My lashes appeared fuller and thicker and I liked how the mascara was spread evenly throughout. Compared to other Maybelline Mascara’s I feel like this one has blasted off right up to the top. Again, I’ve always been a fan of Maybelline Mascara’s but the lack of clumping in this formula really make this particular one stand out.

" I've been testing the Rocket mascara over the past few days, and I haven't experienced any smudging, smearing, or flaking - I've even taken a nap in it and woken up with perfect mascara. Maybelline's mascara formula and I get along really well! It removes easily with cleansing oil or makeup remover.

"The brush is so versatile and the staying power is amazing. I found it easy to apply and it separates my lashes while volumizing and lengthening and curling. The short and stiff bristles works amazingly with my short lashes. I cannot ask for more!


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