Monday, December 24, 2012

BLOGGER TALK: Revlon Nearly Naked Makeup

" This is a beautiful formula that has that 'melts into your skin and disappears' quality that so many people love. This is a sheer foundation that feels very much like a decadent tinted moisturizer (not a watery, super thin tinted moisturizer). When this product sets, the finish is almost powdery (not dewy in the slightest) but it looks very, very natural. It can almost make me appear as if I'm not wearing any foundation at all."

                Ivory                                    Vanilla                                             Shell
"The formula did feel quite weightless and certainly thinner than the regular Colorstay foundation, which was nice. My skin is generally oily but it tends to get dry spots in the winter, which the Colorstay can kind of cake up on at times. The Nearly Naked foundation didn't seem to give me as hard of a time on those areas."

 NudeFresh BeigeNatural Beige
               Nude                              Fresh Beige                             Natural Beige

"So far, here are the PROs I’ve found for this foundation
- Blends easily
- Medium coverage, very buildable
- Feels light on the skin
- Good range of colors to match the skin tone
- Gives a flawless overall look

I’ve only found one CON, and it’s that the foundation can appear to be streaky sometimes during application."

 Medium BeigeTrue BeigeWarm Beige
 Medium Beige                               True Beige                             Warm Beige

  "Every time I passed a mirror all day, I kept checking out my skin- it looked so good. This has a soft, satiny finish that made my skin just glow. Not in a shimmery/sparkly way, but in an airbrushed, soft focus sort of way. Also, this felt perfect on my dry skin- it didn't sink into lines or pores, just seemed to melt right in."

 Sun BeigeNatural TanNutmeg
          Sun Beige                      Natural Tan                             Nutmeg

"I checked during the afternoon to see if it had migrated or worn off. I didn’t find that the foundation looked cakey. By the evening it still looked okay. I think it has good wear. The coverage is okay, buildable like I said but you have to put powder on it to make it stay on all day. Even with two “coats” it is still light coverage. That is why they call is Nearly Naked. This is probably one of the better drugstore foundations I have tried recently."

                Toast                              Caramel                             Chestnut

"I picked up Revlon's Nearly Naked foundation and was quite pleased with the result. Like the Colorstay, Nearly Naked comes in a bottle that can easily pour out too much product and create a mess if you are not careful. That being said, the formula is light but offers a medium coverage. It is heavier than a tinted moisturizer but feels just as weightless. It blends beautifully and lasts a considerable amount of time on the skin. It does not feel like I am wearing makeup, which is key when it comes to a base."



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