Saturday, December 29, 2012

BLOGGER TALK: Rimmel London BB Cream SPF 25

" This is a light, creamy almost gel-like texture with a delicate satiny dry down on skin. It evens out skin tones, blends very easily, and offers a bit of moisture during first application but not throughout the wear. Coverage is very sheer so it’ll perfect skin a little bit, possibly ease some minor redness or dullness, and create an overall even appearance but it won’t hide or conceal major issues such as dark spots, heavy redness on cheeks or face, and acne or acne scarring."
"The shade I had was medium which is a touch too light for my complexion. The consistency of the product was also very thick and creamy which I wasn’t really used to. The overall finish of the product was matte especially on my cheeks and forehead – I probably applied to much around my nose as it started looking cakey even before the powder was applied. "

"The application isn't the best. It's very thick and dry making it hard to blend. It's very streaky and doesn't really sink into the skin. If I try too hard to blend it, it kind of balls up under my fingers. I have to stipple over my face with a skunk brush and then powder it just to even it

"Texture wise, it's nice and thick and it gives medium coverage along with a matte finish for the whole day when applied with a brush. However it clung to every smidge of a dry patch and seemed to dry my skin out even more as the day progressed. The first time I used it, I applied it using my Real Techniques buffing brush (best brush ever) and immediately found that it made my pores look bigger and the product seemed to just sit in them...The more I looked at myself in the mirror, the more I could see that it highlighted the pores all over my face, nose and forehead the
" It's demi-matte. It looks natural - like your skin but better. To control shine on the T-zone, you would need some mattifying powder over the top. This product has a nice texture. It's a thick fluid - just runny enough to be easily spreadable, just thick enough not to run everywhere and need four layers to build it up. One layer gave me a more even skin tone and some redness coverage, the second gave me complete redness coverage and some acne hyperpigmentation coverage, but I still need concealer to fully cover my

"So it smoothed my skin, making it look more youthful, it got rid of the oily parts, it covered my blemishes, it gave a natural glow on my cheek, it hydrates my skin leaving it feeling really soft. My face looks whiter after applying as well (maybe this is the brightening effect!). A very good BB Cream I must say BUT after a few hours my face got kind of greasy. This BB Cream didn't really last on my skin. My face actually feels quite greasy as well when I touch it. I don't know if my skin is glowing or
"The consistency of this product is very thick but not at all heavy. It is thick enough to cover most redness and minor blemishes, however scarring and undereye circles may require a little bit more concealing...While it claims to mattify, it does not provide totally matte finish but more of a natural satiny smooth finish which I really like. I also find it works reasonably well with controlling moderate oil on the t-zone. I do have combination - dry skin but by the middle of the day (4-5 hours later) I usually find my nose area feeling oily but this held up until the afternoon for me about 8

"The consistency of it is very thick and creamy. The overall finish of the product is matte especially on cheeks and forehead, but if you applied to much it starts looking cakey. Eventhough I have really oily skin I don´t feel need to use a


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