Sunday, December 30, 2012

BLOGGER TALK: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss

" This lippie has a nice sweet scent to it too, which you wouldn't expect, though I just can't place my finger on what the scent actually is! The formula feels a little balmy and doesn't dry out my lips at all. The colour lasts around a few hours."

" After owning them, I can now tell you that they don't have a true matte finish (well, compared to let's say Ruby Woo) and personally I would describe them as semi-matte. They have a slight sheen but less of a sheen than let's say MACs Satin finishes. Even though they are said to be matte, I find them a lot more comfortable to wear at first application in comparison to matte lipsticks from MAC.

" The finish isn't strictly matte. It has the pigmentation and 'stick' of your typical matte. I can go about my day without needing to constantly check if it's migrated but it does come with a slight sheen on first application. That fades away after time though and you're left with a regular matte finish that lasts. The creaminess makes it so much easier to apply. I can often struggle with application for dry mattes but this is a

" I had no problem getting the lipstick on - it glides on easily. Colour is beautiful and stays on my lips some hours - tested also while drinking and eating. It isn't as lasting finish as I have had with matte lipsticks but also this doesn't feel as drying as those. My winter-bitten lips liked the formula a
" The new Kate Moss Lasting Finish Matte lipsticks are so far removed from your traditional stiff, chalky matte lipsticks because they apply smoothly and do not strip every last bit of moisture from your lips - they are actually quite moisturizing. They have a very strong fruity scent and taste which I must admit I'm not a fan of, but this does wear off quickly after application. My one small criticism is that I don't think these lipsticks are completely matte, they definitely apply with a slight sheen."


  1. Looks like these lippies have divided the blogging community just like they've divided me! I can't stand the cosmetic lipstick scent, and I do find mine doesn't apply as smoothly as I'd like, but it doesn't dry my lips out and it survives a fair few hours! xx


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