Thursday, January 3, 2013

BLOGGER TALK: Revlon PhotoReady BB Cream Skin Perfector

BB Cream Skin Perfector
A lightweight, multi-benefit Beauty Balm that combines skincare, makeup, and sunscreen into one step.

  • HYDRATES like moisturizer
  • SMOOTHES like primer
  • COVERS like foundation
  • BLURS FLAWS like concealer
  • PROTECTS with SPF 30 like sunscreen

What Beauty Bloggers are Saying...

" Ahh..tinted moisturizer.  Well in fact, that’s exactly what Revlon Photoready BB Cream is. A beefed up version of a tinted moisturizer. This is a water based formula which starts out life with a thick, creamy texture. At first application I really like how creamy this is. It’s dense, yet has a sort of whipped up texture. It actually morphs as you begin to massage it in. The texture “bursts” and becomes thinner with a cool, watery feel. It’s quite sheer overall even if several layers are applied. This subtly of the pay off dubs it as more of a tinted moisturizer as it’ll perfect skin, offer minor coverage while evening out skin tone but won’t hide major issues such as redness, acne scarring, darkness, etc…"

"It's just one step above a tinted moisturizer though, and still isn't going to cover anything major. I blended mine in with my Sonia Kashuk flat top brush, which I use to apply all of my foundations, and I was impressed with how flawless my face looked. The bad part is, that it didn't last long. When first applied, it covered up most of the redness around my nose, and the slight bit of darkness underneath my eyes, to the point where I didn't feel that I needed concealer on top of it. But when I got home from Christmas shopping, it appeared to have worn off quite a bit, and I just didn't look as covered as I had a few hours earlier. "

"This actually oxidized on me. When freshly applied it looked ok, but after a few minutes it turned into an orange toned mess. I was not impressed. I could not wear it alone. I wore it under Revlon colorstay foundation (normal/dry) and the performance was not good. It made the colorstay wear off quickly and my face felt very greasy by the end of the day.  Photoready BB cream is another glorified tinted moisturizer. The finish is sheer and tacky. It's very similar to Maybelline dream BB cream. They both looked like an orange slick mess on my

"As far as the cover it is still pretty sheer. Even when I tried to apply more than one coat. You can't really build any coverage...It did help correct some redness in my skin tone so that was nice...It is thick when you first start applying it but it sheers out when you begin to smooth it onto the skin. I like that it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy or sit on my skin like the Garnier BB Cream does. When first applied it gave my skin a nice dewy fresh look but I felt that that wore off quickly. Overall, I think that it is a good tinted moisturizer but not really a BB cream."

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