Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Review: NYX Eyebrow Shaper

What is It?   

The NYX Eyebrow Shaper claims to shape unruly brows into single file, straight perfection. Enriched with Vitamin E, and formulated with carefully selected waxes to groom the brows into shape. 


Dupe For:    

Anastasia Beverley Hills Brow Fix

Things to Rave About:

 1) Shapes Eyebrows:The blend of waxes found in this pencil serve as a "glue" to precisely mold each brow hair to create the desired look. The ability to focus on each strand of hair sets this pencil apart from brow gels and liquids. 

2) Holds Brows in Place: The wax lays the hairs down, forcing them to stick onto the skin by creating an adhesive bond.

3) Pencil Applicator: This stick form of brow shaping allows molding brows to be a clean, on the go task. No spillage or over-application is possible as the pencil is in solid form, permitting only controlled precision.

4) Mixing Capability: Because the pencil contains an adhesive formula and does not deposit liquid residue, the pencil can be dipped into brow powder and then drawn onto the hairs, serving as a 2 in 1, shaping and shading in brows at the same time.

Things to Rant About:

 1) Flaky: While this pencil will not leave a jelly film or crunchy feel like liquid eyebrow gels tend to do, it will distribute tiny yet visible white flakes that cling to the hairs. Yet, you can easily clean up the residue by running a toothbrush, mascara wand, or spoolie brush through the brow, picking up the flakes in the process.

2) Requires More Time and Effort: This pencil will not shape brows in one sweep like most liquid/gel shapers do, because of the stick, solid applicator. On the bright side, the pencil's applicator allows precision unlike gels, permitting "close up" brow shaping by individually molding each hair.

Is it For You?  

Yes, if you need to shape each and every hair to achieve your desired look. No, if you prefer brow shaping to be a quick process and you will not put in the extra time to comb each and every hair.


Price: 9/10
Performance: 9/10
Packaging/applicator: 10/10
Durability: 9/10
Repurchase? Yes


  1. Oh wow. Abt time someone came with a dupe. the Anastasia one is so expensive :(

  2. This would be nice for going out, or sometime when I had awhile to get ready. But I feel like it'd too much work on most days.

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